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In my works in stone and steel I attempt to explore the relationship between the physical and conceptual. Many of my works are inspired by abstract concepts, from fields such as science, theology and linguistics, and are personal attempts to understand and articulate the richness and complexity of the universe. In my steel works, I try to create a richness of visual experience in a simple three-dimensional form, combining movement and elegant shapes with surprising and intriguing exploitation of the properties of steel, both textural and structural.

Landscape is a fundamental theme in my art. In my landscape works in found stones, I wish to articulate ideas about the interaction of man and the environment, continuing a dialog of thousands of years and exploring the necessary, but fragile, nature of this interaction. By using locally available materials, and the primeval, meaning-laden form of the cairn, I am trying to create monuments with shamanistic qualities that resonate with the landforms among which they are situated. A series of my steel works also explores the imagery, vocabulary and shapes of landscape, paradoxically representing the natural world in a manufactured, geometric substrate. More recent works have brought the stones of my landscape works into steel sculptures, contrasting the properties and character of the industrial and natural materials.

Most of my recent works have been electronic, particularly computer generated videos. These deal with the same themes (landscape, religion, vocabulary of form) as my previous work, as well as issues of identity.


Andrew Senior was born in Britain. He has an MA and PhD from Cambridge University, England. He lived in France for a year and currently lives in New York. He has studied art at SUNY Purchase, Silvermine Guild of Artists and at the Art Students League of New York. He has co-chaired the ACM Multimedia Conference Art Track (2005) and served as a program committee member (2004, 2006). He has curated art shows in New York and Singapore (co-curator) and published articles about his art work.

Andrew Senior has also published extensively on his technical research in human-computer interaction, multimedia and pattern recognition, for which he holds several patents.


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