College arms

Heraldry in Trinity Hall

Andrew Senior


This document is meant to serve as a brief introduction to the heraldry of Trinity Hall, (a college of Cambridge University, England, founded in 1350), and to serve as a record of the heraldry present in about 1991. I do not claim that this listing is correct or exhaustive, and would be very glad to hear comments from anyone who reads it. I am particularly indebted to Warren [2] for providing much of the information, particularly the arms of the masters.

I didn't take many photographs of the arms at the time of writing, but when I return to college I hope to record all the arms. The colour pictures are from July 2000 and 2001, and have been added in March 2003. The reverse index from the masters to the locations of their arms is still under construction. Many of the photographs are scaled down, but you can use your browser (right button) to show the images at full scale.

The arms of the college, founder and masters are blazoned in the Principal Arms section to which there are links from the catalogue of arms on the college buildings. Other arms are blazoned as they appear.


I've tried to use consistent notation throughout. Tinctures, metals and furs are in italics, unknown or conjectured parts of blazons or identities are marked with brackets `[]'.
Where arms have already been blazoned, I give the name in bold, with a link to the original description of the blazon. Most blazons first occur in the `Principal arms' section, but some are noted in the building descriptions.
Bibliographic references are given numbers in brackets and are linked to the Bibliography page.

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