Said Business School Show

This 3jay group show is an Oxford Artweeks "Special Exhibition" lasting for three weeks, in the beautiful new gallery space in the Said Business School. The show opened with a private view in Oxford on 10th May 2003 and will be on until June 1st. The space is open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 10am-1pm

I showed seven works in this exhibition, including "Cairn Circle", a site-specific installation:

The other works were "Warnings of gales", a video work seen to the right in the next picture, and "Circumambulation" a video work on display on the monitor to the left.
On each side of the pillar is a photograph in my "Mudra Cairns" series, this one being "Dhyanamudra Sanchi"

All the works in the show explore themes of journeys and circular time, as well as referencing cairns, Buddhism and the shipping forecast.

More photographs from the Private View can be seen on the 3jay site.

Andrew Senior
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