Public Inanity / Private Insanity - 24 hours

Public Inanity 2007 Private Insanity - 24 Hours 2007

This piece, in two parts, was created for the Intervenciones TV competition in 2007, where it won a jury prize. As a prize-winner, it was shown in the festival of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain on the 28th of September 2007, and in the Madrid Abierto festival in February 2008.

The competition called for videos under one minute on the theme of "Television: a public space or private one".

"Public Inanity" reflects upon the intrusion of television into our public spaces as endlessly repeating loops of trivial content assail us from street corners. "Private Insanity" takes 24 hours of television and compresses both sound and images in a crescendo of sensory overload. [In technical terms, frames are ordered by intensity and sound bites are ordered by pitch.] Note that the web versions, through Google Videos, are highly compressed.

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