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Cardboard chair 1994.

Cardboard is a surprising material for building furniture, but a number of designers have found its lightness, strength, warmth and environmental benefits very attractive. Laminated cardboard chairs can be seen in various museums including the New York Museum of Modern Art and the Detroit Institute of Art. Frank Gehry designed several.

Here I've produced a chair which is easily strong enough to take an adult's weight, but without using lamination. The corrugated cardboard construction has a warmth and softness not obtained from wood.

In response to lots of questions about how to design a chair, I've written a FAQ with a brief guide and photographs that describes how to make a chair, and a diagram of how to cut out the parts.

For more on cardboard furniture look at this site or this in the UK.

This design was listed in "Critics' Choice" of the Education Guardian 24th January 2006:
Art and Design - Take a Seat

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