Anatolian Hieroglyphics (Luwian) generation

Type a transliteration in the text box and hit <enter> to convert it into Anatolian Hieroglyphics.

e.g. "Click to copy.EGO-mi-i `BONUS-ti-sa `su-hi-si-i REGIO-ni-DOMINUS-ia-i-sa | BONUS-[m]i-sa" (click to copy)
[Karkamiš A1b 1 From Anatolian Hieroglyphics: Logogram vs Ideogram Mark Weeden BBVO Band 23]

For syllabic readings with multiple glyphs. (e.g. 'mu' or 'pi'):

(Click in the table below to copy transliterations or hieroglyphics.)


Before conversion, some characters (i.e. '<>[]') are removed and others converted into spaces (i.e. '*,;:()'). Transliterations are then split on space, dash and equals sign. Transliterations are compared with syllabic and logographic readings regardless of case. Unrecognized sequences should display unchanged. , '*a' (initial-a-final) is treated as 'a', '|' is the word divider sign '𔖵' and a single forward or back quote before a reading is the 'personal determinative' sign (𔖲 383A). Many combinations like 'sa5+ra/i' are not supported, replace the '+' with '-' to get separate signs. You can also type a sign number or a unicode hex value and I attempt to handle some variants (so wa/i2, wa2/i2, wa/i₂, wá/í, 144C1, 166 and 𔓁 all translate to '𔓁'). I make no attempt to handle writing direction. (Text is processed left-to-right and hieroglyphs are rendered with the default unicode glyph direction.) Ultimately the data is derived from the Unicode doc, so looking in there might explain why signs are missing/ misinterpreted.

This page uses the Google Noto Sans Anatolian Hieroglyphics font. To cut and paste the text in another document you might need to specify this font or another that supports the Unicode 14400 Anatolian Hieroglyphics Code Table. e.g. LuwGlyph

This has only been tested on Chrome browser under Linux and Safari on a MacBook.


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This page was inspired by ORACC cuneify, and I have since written a version of Cuneify with the UI improvements from this page

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