Shadows of San Jose / Interactive City Proposal ISEA 2006

Andrew Senior and Alejandro Jaimes-Larrarte

"Shadows of San Jose" is an interactive piece that explores the make-up of the people and places of San Jose, combining images of both people and places in an engaging "screen" set-up, and uniting them with hundreds of other residents across the city who engage through mobile phones and internet connections. Passers-by encountering the installation (in a station say) and are drawn to its distinctive black-and white images projected on an 8' high screen. Drawn to the projection, the "user" suddenly finds his or her shadow has entered the scene being projected. As the user gets closer, the shadow moves around the scene and the scene images evolve, responding to the user's movements, and calling up shadows of previous visitors to the screen as wells as those of the people of San Jose who have interacted with the system remotely.

Link for Interaction supplement (pdf)

A still mock-up of the installation
a video mock-up of the installation

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